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Siobhan Magnus - Black Doll (official video)
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for 3 weeks 1 day

Cinco De Mayo show w/ Elcodrive May 3rd


On Stage with Mantis - Live online show

Siobhan will be performing live on an online show called On Stage with Mantis. This is an International Indie Music Concert TV series that features Boston's Best Bands streamed weekly. It's a basic one hour set from the Top Indie Musicians.

Here are the reverbnation links

Here is the On Stage with Mantis Face Book page:

Here is the On Stage with Mantis IMDB page:

Here is their youtube page if you'd like to check out some past shows:

The show will be streamed online on Thursday night May 15th at 10pm EDT. Here is the link:

There are no show details yet.


Siobhan's Set With Elcodrive

First look at Siobhan performing with Elcodrive. Thanks, of course, to Metrowest.

Siobhan To Perform with Elcodrive

Siobhan will be doing a set with a band called Elcodrive at Christopher's in Raynham, MA on March 1st.


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be there


Happy Valentines Day!

 Great find by Bluemountain!!!!

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