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.... Idol got it wrong again if this girl didn't win the show. I might live under a rock, but she was fantastic. She was simply stunning when she joined the band for the song “Walk On”. Obviously, it still had that signature BOSTON sound, but she owned the vocals and in all reality she owned every person in that amphitheater while on stage. She is what the world of rock music has needed from a female vocalist for a long time. I genuinely hope she is able to hit it big, so that the rest of the world can be witness to what I saw last night.

Siobhan's App

Siobhan Magnus - God Bless the USA and Danny Boy

Walk On Phoenix, AZ

Wisdom Video - Original Soundtrack

Siobhan sings the title track to Daniel Baldwin's movie "The Wisdom to Know the Difference".  The song won for Best Song at the Manhattan Film Festival and appears in full during an intense drug detox montage in the movie.


WISDOM SIOBHAN MAGNUS from Siobhan Magnus on Vimeo.

Siobhan Magnus touring with Boston NOW

Siobhan Magnus is currently touring with Boston as Special guest.

we have the proof!  Make sure to listen around the 5:50 and 7:18 marks.  She also shares lead on "Walk On"

Wisdom Premier Long Beach Film Festival

Long Beach Film Festival : Opening Night Ceremony Wednesday July 30, 7:30pm : Madison Theatre @ Molloy College; World Premier of The Wisdom to Know the Difference directed and written by Daniel Baldwin, starring Lou Diamond Phillips and William Baldwin. Siobhan will sing her song live after the premier

Long Beach: Friday August 1st : Allegria Hotel 80 West Broadway : Long Beach, Long Island : 8pm-10pm : Siobhan and others to share musical performances. Siobhan, Cass Dillon, Ben Metzger, Joe Horowitz, Ruff Stuff (free)  (Aug. 1st appearance is canceled)


Singer/Songwriter Round @ Cultural Center of Cape Cod 6/29/14

Wow, what a great night!  It was fascinating to hear the artists (Zoe Lewis, Brendan Princi, Siobhan, and Mike Golarz) talk at length about the inspirations and stories behind their songs, instead of just giving the title and launching into it.  Mike Courcy was also there providing accompaniment.  If you've ever seen the show Storytellers on VH1 or Palladia, that's the general idea.  The venue was interesting too:  a restored old bank building with the artists performing in front of the massive open door of the vault.  It was a packed house, with nearly all of the 100 or so seats taken.  We got there about 1/2 hour before show time, and more than half the seats were already taken.  Needless to say, it was an enthusiastic crowd.  We were seated next to a vacationing couple from upstate New York who were only there because it sounded interesting.  They knew nothing of Siobhan at the beginning, but were fans by the end.

Siobhan performed four songs (Widow's Walk, My Mind is Not My Own, Wisdom, and Confusion) accompanied by the two Mikes on acoustic guitar.

As Siobhan tells it, she wrote Widow's Walk last year in Nashville at

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